1. Stop the Intelligent Agent:

On NT: 


or from DOS



  % lsnrctl dbsnmp_stop

2. Edit the "$ORACLE_HOME/net../admin/snmp_rw.ora" file. Add the following


  Note: The following 2 lines are case-sensitive and must be listed in

lower case letters or the parameters will be ignored.





The variable <service_name> is the exact listing of the databasename found

in the visibleservices list in the snmp_ro.ora file.

  If <username> is the default (DBSNMP), there is no need to specify the user

here. Only the password is required.


3. Change the DBSNMP password on the database. You can use either Security

Manager, Sqlplus, or Server Manager. If you use SQLPlus or Server Manager,

you can issue the following command:


  alter user "dbsnmp" identified by "<newpassword>";


4. Restart the Intelligent Agent.


Note: Rerunning "CATSNMP.SQL" or "CATALOG.SQL" script will reset the password

back to dbsnmp. If desired, edit CATSNMP.SQL to reflect the new USERNAME

and/or PASSWORD. Keep in mind that anyone with access to this file will

have access to the password as well, so, if desired, set Administrator or

Root only permissions on the CATSNMP.SQL file to prevent an average user

from seeing the file with its new changes.


Note: If the password is not set correctly for the Intelligent Agent's database

user, the following error will occur when the Agent is started:

NMS-205 Failed to connect to database <name> with username/password <string>

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